Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Sweetest Heart of Mary Pierogi Festival
 4440 Russell Street
Detroit, Mi 48207

This post will be the first of several that will focus on the Roman Catholic Churches of Detroit.
Built in 1893, Sweetest Heart of Mary is a Roman Catholic Church founded by Polish immigrants.  Located just north of the Eastern Market, it is one of three Polish parishes within 3/4 of a mile stretch along Canfield.  The other two churches are St. Albertus located on St. Aubin, founded in 1885 and St. Josaphat located on Canfield and founded in 1889.  St. Josaphat is the church one sees will driving down I-75 towards downtown.  Driving by these churches, which are very large by today's standards, it is amazing that the local neighborhood back then could support these three churches, let alone that the were all built within an 8 year span.

The Sweetest Heart church is an outstanding example of Gothic Revival architecture.  The alter area is very beautiful with the usage of colors, statues and architectural details.  The stain glass is all original from the 19th century and is extremely detailed in the execution.  Unfortunately, I do not have a good photo example. 

Sweetest Heart has two masses during the weekend, Saturday's at 4:00 pm and Sunday's at 10:00 AM.  If we are going to Detroit for a Saturday night event, we usually attend the 4:00 PM mass. 

Sweetest Heart is also know for their food, specifically pierogi's.  The parishioners make pierogi's on a monthly basis and sell them by the 1/2 dozen after both masses.  The profits from the pierogi sales help support the church.  We have purchased several dozen pierogis over the last couple of years and they are highly recommended.

Once a year, the parishioners of Sweetest Heart have a yearly Pierogi Festival.  Like the weekly pierogi sales, the festival helps support the church.  It is usually the second weekend in August.  This year, 2013, it will be during the weekend of August 10th - 11th.  Held on the grounds of the church, the festival offers Polish dinners including kielbasa, pierogis, golabki and potato pancakes. They also serve a dinner featuring only their pierogis.  Besides the excellent food, the festival features Polish dancers, Polka bands and plenty of beer.  We went for the first time last year and really enjoyed the event.

If one wants to experience one of the most beautiful churches in the Detroit area and enjoy some outstanding food, I highly recommend visiting Sweetest Heart of Mary during their Pierogi Festival.